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AspNetDeploy will checkout your sources and parse all your projects and solutions: AspNetDeploy is aware of:

  • Web projects
  • Database projects
  • Unit test projects
  • Console projects
  • Standalone Windows apps
  • File archives
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2. Define bundles payday loans online

Bundle is a set of related projects that cannot live one without each other. For example Web project + Database project same day loans,6600 online cash advance,5400 fast loans,5400 loans no credit check,5400 need cash now,5400 cash now,5400 small loans,4400 online payday loan,4400

3. Define deployment steps for each bundle payday loans online

Every bundle needs deployment steps to be defined. payday loans online

Since AspNetDeploy is aware of project types you will never be asked to script anything ever again, instead it will suggest regular tasks according to each project type. payday loans online

4. Define environments

Create, as many environments as your publication process require. Once environment is created, it require machines to be assigned to in. Satellite agent has to be installed on each machine. AspNetDeploy uses SSL to connect to satellite agents as well as Key / Password pair to ensure no one else will be able to connect. payday loans online quick loans,18100 no credit check loans,18100 personal loans for bad credit,18100 cash advance online,14800 fast cash,14800 pay day loans,14800 short term loans,12100 magnum cash advance,12100 quick cash,9900 unsecured loans,9900 pay day loan,6600 Every machine has its own roles. Each deployment step is configured to run only on machines with selected roles.

5. Start building and deploying!

Every time you do changes to your code, AspNetDeploy will take latest version and rebuild all projects assigned to bundles. Then it will package and prepare every bundle that depends of modified projects. When packaging is complete you can instantly deploy to Test environment.

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Promote to next environment

Every package has to be approved by appropriate team member to move forward.

  • Developers or Testers can approve package if it is working on Test environment
  • Testers can approve its working on intermediate environments such as QA or Staging.
  • Testers decide when they want fresh version to be deployed on QA / Staging, so developers won't interrupt important testing procedures.
  • Publishers are responsible for promoting package to deploy on Live environments. payday loans online

Smooth continuos integration will be ready when you are!

Feel free to ask any questions: Feedback is much appriciated!

Deploying your projects.. please wait.